• 尖锐批评的
  • 尖刻的
  • 烦躁的
  • 易怒的
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snarky 坏脾气的,尖锐批评的

来自 snark,找茬,吹毛求痴,字面意思即喘粗气,发出沉重的鼻音,词源同 sneer,snore.

snarky (adj.)
"irritable, short-tempered," 1906, from snark (v.) "to find fault with, nag" (1882), literally "to snort" (1866), from an imitative source akin to Low German snarken, North Frisian snarke, Swedish snarka; and compare snarl (v.2), sneer (v.). Back-formation snark (n.) "caustic, opinionated, and critical rhetoric" is from c.2002 (compare snark (n.)). Related: Snarkily; snarkiness.