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yeast: [OE] Yeast is etymologically a substance that causes ‘fermentation’. For its ultimate source is the Indo-European base *jes- ‘boil, foam, froth’, which also produced Greek zeín ‘boil’ (source of English eczema) and Welsh iās ‘seething’. Its Germanic descendant produced German gischt ‘yeast, froth’, Dutch gist, gest ‘yeast’, and English yeast.
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Old English gist "yeast, froth," from Proto-Germanic *jest- (cognates: Old Norse jastr, Swedish jäst, Middle High German gest, German Gischt "foam, froth," Old High German jesan, German gären "to ferment"), from PIE root *yes- "to boil, foam, froth" (cognates: Sanskrit yasyati "boils, seethes," Greek zein "to boil," Welsh ias "seething, foaming").