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yacht: [16] A yacht is etymologically a boat for ‘chasing’ others. The word was borrowed from early modern Dutch jaghte. This was short for jaghtschip, literally ‘chase ship’, a compound noun formed from jaght, a derivative of the verb jagen ‘hunt, chase’, and schip ‘ship’. The Dutch word (whose present-day form is jacht) has been borrowed into many other European languages, including French and German jacht and Russian jakhta.
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1550s, yeaghe "a light, fast-sailing ship," from Norwegian jaght or early Dutch jaght, both from Middle Low German jacht, shortened form of jachtschip "fast pirate ship," literally "ship for chasing," from jacht "chase," from jagen "to chase, hunt," from Old High German jagon, from Proto-Germanic *yago-, from PIE root *yek- (2) "to hunt" (cognates: Hittite ekt- "hunting net"). Related: Yachting; yachtsman.