tormentyoudaoicibaDictgodict[torment 词源字典]
torment: [13] The notion underlying torment is of an instrument of torture worked by ‘twisting’. The word was borrowed from Latin tormentum ‘instrument of torture’, hence ‘torture, great suffering’. This was a contraction of an earlier *torquementum, a derivative of torquēre ‘twist’, which has also given English contort [15], extort [16], retort [16], torch, torque [19], torsion [15], tort [14], tortuous [15], and torture [16] (literally ‘twisting’).
=> contort, extort, retort, thwart, torch, torque, torsion, tort, torture[torment etymology, torment origin, 英语词源]
torment (n.)youdaoicibaDictgodict
c. 1300, "the inflicting of torture," also "state of great suffering, pain, distress," from Old French torment "torture, pain, anguish, suffering distress" (11c., Modern French tourment), from Latin tormentum "twisted cord, sling; clothes-press; instrument for hurling stones," also "instrument of torture, a rack," figuratively "anguish, pain, torment," from torquere "to twist" (see torque (n.)).
torment (v.)youdaoicibaDictgodict
c. 1300, "inflict torture on, distress," from Old French tormenter "torture, torment, oppress, agitate" (12c.), from Medieval Latin tormentare "to torment, to twist," from Latin tormentum (see torment (n.)). Related: Tormented; tormenting.