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eczema: [18] A person suffering from eczema has a skin that is, in a rather gruesome metaphor, ‘boiling over’. The word comes from Greek ékzema ‘eruption’, a compound formed from the prefix ek- ‘out’ and the verb zein ‘boil, ferment’. This in turn goes back to the Indo-European base *jes-, source also of Sanskrit yas- ‘boil, foam’, Welsh ias ‘boiling’, and English yeast.
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eczema (n.)youdaoicibaDictgodict
1753, from Greek ekzema, literally "something thrown out by heat," from ekzein "to boil over, break out," from ek "out" (see ex-) + zein "to boil," from PIE root *yes- "to boil, foam, bubble" (see yeast). Said to have been the name given by ancient physicians to "any fiery pustule on the skin" [Chambers' "Cyclopaedia"].