英 ['skɑːpə] 美 ['skɑrpɚ]
  • vi. 跑掉;逃跑;溜走
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scarper 逃跑,溜号

可能来自意大利语 scappare,逃跑,跑开,词源同 escape.

scarper: [19] Scarper entered English in the mid- 19th century by way of the underworld slang of criminals, who probably got it from Italian scappare ‘get away’ (a relative of English escape). It remained a subcultural vocabulary item until the early years of the 20th century, and its rise in prominence then may have been partly due to the coincidental Cockney rhyming slang use of Scapa Flow (the name of a naval anchorage in the Orkney Islands) for ‘go’. Indeed, from the 1930s onwards scarper has often been spelled scarpa or even scapa.
1. Scarper! The cops are coming!
快跑! 警察来了!


2. It can pre - cleaning most of pigment on the belt by water or scarper.


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