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chord: see cord
[chord etymology, chord origin, 英语词源]
chord (n.1)youdaoicibaDictgodict
"related notes in music," 1590s, ultimately a shortening of accord (or borrowed from a similar development in French) and influenced by Latin chorda "catgut, a string" of a musical instrument (see cord (n.)). Spelling with an -h- first recorded c. 1600, from confusion with chord (n.2). Originally two notes; of three or more from 18c.
chord (n.2)youdaoicibaDictgodict
"structure in animals resembling a string," 1540s, alteration of cord (n.), by influence of Greek khorde "gut-string, string of a lyre, tripe," from PIE *ghere- "gut, entrail" (see yarn). The geometry sense is from 1550s; meaning "feeling, emotion" first attested 1784.