英 ['kɒkə,meɪmɪ]
  • adj. 繁琐的;假的
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cockamamie 荒诞可笑的

拼写改编自法语decalcomanie, 来自词根calc, 踩,踏,词源同inculcate,decal. 原指一种陶瓷或玻璃工艺的贴花纸法,即把一种图案印到另一件物品上。后比喻拙劣的模仿,荒诞可笑的。

cockamamie (adj.)
American English slang word attested by 1946, popularized c. 1960, but said to be New York City children's slang from mid-1920s; perhaps an alteration of decalcomania (see decal).
1. Busbar TrunkingSystem is now designed mainly by hand, which is cockamamie and inefficient.
国内的母线槽施工设计大多由手工完成, 工作繁琐、效率低.


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