英 ['kʌtləs] 美 ['kʌtləs]
  • n. 弯刀;短剑
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cutlass 短剑

来自拉丁词culter, 刀,来自PIE*skel, 砍,劈,词源同cleave, scale. -ass, 大词后缀,见largess. 拼写受cut影响俗化。

cutlass: [16] Appropriate as the name sounds, cutlass has no etymological connection with cut. It comes from Old French cutelas, a derivative (denoting large size) of coutel ‘knife’. This in turn goes back to Latin cultellus, a diminutive of culter ‘knife, ploughshare’ (source of English coulter [OE] and cutler [14], whence cutlery [14]).
=> coulter, cutlery
cutlass (n.)
1590s, from Middle French coutelas (16c.), probably from Italian coltellaccio "large knife" (with augmentative suffix -accio), from coltello "knife," from Latin cultellus "small knife," diminutive of culter "knife, plowshare," from PIE *kel-tro-, from root *(s)kel- "to cut" (see scale (n.1)).
1. He sits with a drawn cutlass.

来自英汉文学 - 金银岛

2. At the same time , observing Gray to be unarmed, I handed him my cutlass.
突然, 我发现格雷没有武器, 便把我的弯刀给了他.

来自英汉文学 - 金银岛

3. Let me just find my silver cutlass, and fill my stomach!
让我找到我的银短刀, 填饱我的肚子就好!


4. Cutlass and corselet of steel, and his trusty sword of Damascus.
钢刀,盔甲, 和他素来倚重的大马士革利剑.


5. Bloodthirsty and elegant, the Sea - Elvish Pirates a strange mixture of water and blood, wind and cutlass.
嗜血而优雅的海洋精灵海盗们是水与血 、 风与刃的奇妙的结合体.


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