英 [ɡə'rɒt]
  • vt. 绞死
  • n. 西班牙的绞刑具,上述绞刑
  • n. (Garrote)人名;(德、西)加罗特
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garrote 绞杀

词源不详,可能来自PIE*wer, 转,弯,词源同wreath, wring. 用来指绞杀。

garrote (v.)
"to execute with a garrote," 1845, from garrote (n.); sense of "choke senseless and then rob" is from 1852. Related: Garotted; garotting.
garrote (n.)
also garrotte, 1620s, "Spanish method of capital punishment by strangulation," from Spanish garrote "stick for twisting cord" (the method used in the execution), of unknown origin. Perhaps from Old French guaroc "club, stick, rod, shaft of a crossbow," probably ultimately Celtic, but possibly from Frankish *wrokkan "to twist" (cognate with Middle Dutch wroken "to twist").
I have no hesitation in pronouncing death by the garrot, at once the most manly, and the least offensive to the eye. [Major John Richardson, "British Legion," 1837]
1. This is being changed as part of an overall improvement for Garrote.


2. Garrote, Rupture, and Eviscerate are being increased in damage . More details to come.
绞喉, 割裂和剔骨伤害增加, 我们会逐步放出更详细的资料.


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