英 [pə(ʊ)'daɪətrɪ] 美 [pə'daɪətri]
  • n. 足部医疗;[外科] 脚病学
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podiatry 足部医疗


podiatry (n.)
1914, formed from Greek pod-, stem of pous "foot," from PIE root *ped- (1) "a foot" (see foot (n.)) + iatreia "healing," from iatros "physician" (see -iatric). An attempt to supplant chiropody (see chiropodist) and distance the practice from the popular impression of unskilled corn-cutters. The National Association of Chiropodists changed its name to American Podiatry Association in 1958. Related: Podiatric; podiatrist.
1. Advance Step is a dedicated podiatry X - ray system which provides imaging performance for podiatry radiology.
先行一步先行一步,是一个专门的足部 X 射线成像系统,提供性能足部放射.


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